Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Spinning Class

Tonight after work I decided to try out a spinning class. I love Fridays at the gym because it's pretty empty and it's a good stress release to end the week. I haven't participated in a spin class for a couple of years, and I thought it was time to give it another go mainly because my tennis shoes are falling apart and this is the only cardio exercise that they will make it through. So, I walked in, and I either looked confused or the teacher realized I was new because he walked over, introduced himself, and helped me adjust my bike to meet my needs. Everyone in the class seemed to be regulars because they were all cracking jokes. The teacher was quite a character as well, which made the class interesting. Then, right before we warmed up he mentioned that this was supposed to be a 45 minute class, but we were going for an hour. That comment instantly brought me back to the first time I did a spin class.

I was in Sarasota with my sister about 8 years ago and we decided it was time to try our first spin class. Classes usually run about 45 minutes unless otherwise noted, but of course we picked an intense class that was over an hour. We're both pretty in shape, but we were both dying in this class. I have a hard time giving up in a class, so I suffered all of the way through. When the class was over, I remember thinking,
I am never going to go through that again, but they pulled me back in!

In addition to the hour long announcement, a man and woman were talking two bikes over from me, and the man yelled out, "Hey, this woman took your class once and she's back again, she must be nuts!" Needless to say, I was a little terrified of this class, but i decided to stick it out and I'm glad I did. What got me through this class were the instructors funny comments and the good music he played (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and U2). He would also make sure to get off his bike every other song and ask everyone personally how they were doing. I thought that was a nice gesture, or maybe it was an excuse to be lazy for a few seconds. Then, at one point he said, "We're halfway done, 17 songs left!" That kind of scared me and I couldn't tell if he was joking, but then after the next song he mentioned that we had 6 songs to go, which made me feel more confident. Anyways, this was a great cardio and leg workout and guaranteed lots of sweat. So, I made it through my hour long spin class and I will go back for tennis shoes or old!

This weekend I am going to work on making baked polenta for the first time ever, and I'll also make some vegan cupcakes. Be on the lookout new posts, pictures, and recipes. I also appreciate your suggestions and comments! Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


Ren said...

You are one tough vegan cookie! Spinning sounds intense!

Beth said...

I've tried spinning and it's really tough. You are in great shape!! Keep it up.