Sunday, October 10, 2010

Infusion Tea: Gazpacho, Hummus, and Vegan Pumpkin Pie Gelato!


How was everyone's weekend? I so look forward to the weekend just to make time to do the things that I don't get to do during the week. October is always a crazy month for me and this one is extra crazy, but definitely not a bad thing. My dads birthday is this month and so is mine, and then there are a ton of concerts this month. There were even so many that I had to eliminate a few! 

Last Wednesday I went and saw The National. They've become one of my favorite bands over the past three years. When I first heard then they reminded me of the Silver Jews. Matt Berninger has that deep intoxicating voice like David Berman. The music is different, but at times it can be similar enough to make the reference. You should check them both out! 

I went to infusion tea last night and finally finished The Yoga Sutras… they are so fascinating - I can't wait to read them over again. I tried a new black tea called Almond Amaretto. It was good, but it won't make my usual circulation. Every time I go there I try a new tea, but I usually just end up buying the tins of the same ones. The last really good tea I tried that made my circulation was a black tea called Blue Lady. I also really like White Raspberry Truffle, Rose Colored Glasses, Winter Mint Rooibos, and Rooibos and Roses. Whenever I go to Infusion Tea I get a little nostalgic because it's right next to where Urban Ashtanga used to be. That's where I first tried and fell in love with that practice. I do miss that place!

I love everything about Infusion Tea. It's vegetarian with many vegan options, and I really don't think you can go wrong with anything that you order. I saved up a few pictures of what I've ordered over time so you can see how refreshing everything looks! They are also the only place I know with vegan gelato! Right now they have vegan Pumpkin Pie Gelato!  Move over Starbucks!

They also have a nice assortment of vegan cakes and cupcakes. I really wanted to try the Vegan Pumpkin Chai Cake, but the gelato was really enough for me :)

This was a delightful and healthy hummus wrap with one of the best side salads! They use some sort of sweet vinaigrette dressing, and it's to die for!

I saved the best for last! I realize this is a slightly blurry picture, but don't let that fool you! It's really the best gazpacho in town. Maybe the best ever! It's such a good mixture of tomato, cucumber, cilantro, onion, etc...and just so so so refreshing and delicious!

Here is a link to their website.. Infusion Tea

I hope you all have a nice night and week!

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shelly said...

i love Infusion! headed up there next weekend :)

Beth said...

The food looks delicious. I'd love to try some of the Pumpkin Pie Gelato.

Infusion Tea said...

Thanks for reviewing Infusion Tea! We appreciate you coming in. Peace to you!