Monday, May 27, 2013

More Walking, Creative Cooking, and Less Driving

Since I've been back from Nepal, I've made a conscious decision to take more walks. In Nepal we walked everywhere, and it kept me feeling light and free. When I arrived back I realized how many things I have so close to me, but I still choose to drive to them. This weekend I decided to start cooking creatively again and take walks. 

On Saturday I walked to Whole Foods to purchase my groceries for the new recipe that I will post tomorrow. What I loved about this walk was the cool breeze and fresh air. The air is so fresh and clean here. I can feel it penetrate and hydrate each cell in my body as I breathe. I have never appreciated fresh clean air so much since I've returned. The air was so polluted in Nepal that it made my throat scratchy and made me feel weak and fatigued everyday. Just from the start to the end of a taxi drive would exhaust me because of the air, and also the probably the bumpy roads and jerky driving, but mostly the pollution. I remember thinking that the air felt like drops of refreshing water in my lungs. Here are some pictures from my walk. 

Half Full Water on Bench

Lonely Taxi

On Monday I decided to walk to Starbucks. What I loved about this walk was walking by a bunch of homes and businesses and noticing little gems of beauty that I would have never noticed otherwise. I also just kept looking around at the sun shining down and how it was making everything glisten. The colors of the leaves, flowers, and grass just looked so sharp. I can't believe how beautiful of a world we live in. I'm so in awe and never want to lose this perspective.

Do Not Enter, or Enter?

Peace sign or bunny

Penetrate the heart
Well, have a good sleep, and look for my new recipe tomorrow! First recipe post since 2010! How's that for a come back....!


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