Sunday, June 6, 2010

How Can Tony Hayward Live With Himself?

Like all animal lovers, I am heart broken over the suffering of these birds. It makes me feel a little better that many of the birds are being saved, but then sickened at the amount of birds that have died, are dying, and are suffering through this. What makes me sick is that this is a man-made disaster. It's one thing to have a hurricane or tornado, but we did this, and there is no end in site. The repercussions of this disaster are endless to our ecosystem, and it kills me whenever I see the footage of oil gushing into the Gulf.

What makes me furious is how Tony Hayward is handling this situation. BP says they want to be transparent, but they haven't been clear at all about what/how/when they are doing anything. This cap they used is not working perfectly, and as long as there is still oil flowing in the Gulf, I can't be optimistic.

Every time I see that ad run on TV with him saying, "We're going to make this right," I want to punch him. It's like BP thinks they are just going to PR themselves out of this mess. How do they not have any compassion? Are they not human? It scares me to think that what we are seeing is just the surface of this mess! What about the whole underwater ecosystem that we can't see?

What about the harmful chemicals that are being dispersed into the Gulf that are banned in other countries because these chemicals have been linked with human health problems including respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders? Why won't they use an alternative? How does one even attempt to clean up such an environmental disaster as this one? What is going to happen when a hurricane hits?

I am encouraging everyone to do your part in saving these helpless birds by going to the International Bird Research Rescue Center and either donating, adopting a bird, becoming a member, or calling the number listed to find out what you can to do. You can also check out this site on the CNN website to find out all of the ways you can take action. 


Beth said...

Very good post Monica. I hope a media outlet picks this up as it's from someone living on the Gulf Coast.

Ren said...

The whole thing just makes me sad. :( It is hard to see those pictures.