Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Veg Out At This Restaurant In Sarasota

Veg: A Vegetarian and Seafood Eatery

Hi Friends! I wanted to tell you about a restaurant that I ate at when I was visiting my parents for Fathers Day this past weekend. The restaurant is called Veg and it's a Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescatarian eatery. The menu had a decent amount of vegan options and everything was so creative. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to order because everything looked so awesome. 

We started off with the Hummus, Quinoa, and Babaganoush Appetizer. Watch out though, the Babaganoush is made with mayonnaise, so it is not vegan. Either order it with double hummus or quinoa. I mixed a small scoop of hummus and quinoa together and spread it on my pita. 

I ordered one of the specials, so it's not a regular on the menu. This was half of a butternut squash stuffed with tempeh curried rice served on top of spinach with a side of beets. This was easily one of the best meals I have had, and happy that I was able to have some the next day for leftovers. The next day I scooped everything out of the squash and mixed it together. Yum!

My mom ordered the Portobella Volcano. This is marinated portobello topped with caramelized onions and garlic mashed potatoes on a bed of sautéed spinach and quinoa. I had a bite of this and it was to die for. I almost ordered this for my dinner, but I went with the special since I can always order this. 

My dad ordered the Organic 7-Bean Root Soup. I had a bite of this and it was delicious, savory, and filling! 

If you live in Sarasota, or are ever there for any reason, this is a place that you won't want to pass up. The service is top notch, and the food is so creative, fragrant, and delicious. You can't go wrong, and you will find yourself wanting to go back for more!

Everyone really liked their dinners, and my dad seemed to have a great Fathers Day!

Have a great night!



Beth said...

I love this restaurant. The Father's Day meal was delicious.

Amanda said...

Hi Monica!

I saw that you were a "Veg" follower on Twitter, and was led to your journal! What a wonderful entry about our restaurant; I am so glad your family had such a great time! Thank you for your support, and I hope we'll see you soon!

(Manager [and daughter!] @ Veg)

Rhonda said...

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